Grammar Notebooks

Grammar seldom tops a student's list of favorite subjects. Fortunately, the author of this series loves grammar, and her goal is to instill a love of the English language while teaching the mechanical "nuts and bolts." These workbooks place less emphasis on drill and more focus on helping students better understand the "whys" and "hows" of grammar. Each chapter begins with a short grammar lesson. Terms are defined, then explained via examples and rules. (Some of the examples use famous quotes-a nice touch!). Usage tips are included to provide handy rules of thumb when writing (or speaking). The lessons are followed by in-book practice exercises, such as fill-in-the-blanks, circling or underlining parts of speech, or revising sentences. Also included are "Write Your Own" exercises, with prompts that challenge students to create their own sentences outside of the workbooks. Scattered throughout the lessons are discussion questions to encourage students to think about how they use language in their daily lives. The workbooks also include "Language Play" articles, which provide a historical, cultural, and linguistic backdrop to the grammar lessons (not to mention fascinating insights into the English language!). Appendix and answer key included. Reproducible. 80+ pgs, pb. ~ Lisa

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