Rockin' Root Words

Written by a high school student and her dad, these vocabulary workbooks introduce the student to Greek and Latin roots through a variety of visual learning styles, including charts, word webs and cartoons. Roots are introduced by theme in 10 chapters, including number terms, quantifiers and size, time, location/directions, body structures, education, family, religion, government and more. The chapters are broken down into short lessons, each of which introduces a new root, highlights it in chart format, then provides a follow-up activity. Charts show the featured root word, possible endings, the resulting "new word" and its definition. For example one lesson in Chapter 6 (Gr. 3-5) introduces the Latin and Greek roots "man(u)," "chiro," "cap," and "digit." The charts pair these roots with related words ("manicure," "manipulate," etc.). The charts are followed by activities which ask the student to select the best word to complete the sentence, or to use the roots and endings they learned to "build" words themselves. The activities and presentation really do a good job at breaking the words down, reinforcing root meanings, and giving students varied practice in "reassembling" them. There is a "rock music" theme throughout, most notably on the covers and occasional musical illustrations. 164 and 194 pgs, pb. Reproducible, answer keys included at the back of each book. - Jess

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