Little Pilgrim's Progress Adventure Guide

Immerse your family in the adventures of Christian and Christiana as they make their way to the Celestial City. This little study guide is designed to help you make a well-loved, across-the-centuries favorite into a family favorite. Little Pilgrim's Progress, an adaptation of John Bunyan's classic, Pilgrim's Progress, maintains all the allegorical messages, characters and places of the original. Helen Taylor wanted a younger audience (elementary and middle school children) to profit from the allegory as much as countless generations of "grown-up" Christians had before them. Accordingly, the language and vocabulary is more accessible and the main character is a young boy rather than a man.

The Study Guide - or Adventure Guide as the author, a homeschooling mom of five boys, prefers to call it - provides vocabulary work, recall and digging deeper types of questions, allegorical exploration, literature elements coverage, and Bible applications with an emphasis on character development. A key element of this latter is the on-going development of a Character Chart where the student keeps an on-going record of story characters who have had a positive influence and those who have had a negative influence on Christian's pilgrimage. The Guide is designed as a consumable (you'll want one for each family member) with a brief (but very helpful) Leader's Guide in the back followed by an Answer Key. The Leader's Guide contributes a list of interesting additional book activities (ie. mapping Christian's journey, art projects, verse memorization, and dioramas - to name a few). 79 pgs. pb ~ Janice

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