Visual Manna 2

If you're looking for "more" after Visual Manna's Complete Art Curriculum, this volume holds 25 more lessons with suggestions for students at the elementary (Grades 1-6) and upper (Grades 7-12) levels. Although written as a follow-up, you do not need to have completed the first book to enjoy this one. The lessons are extremely varied with an emphasis on artistic method vs. concepts. A selection includes: complementary colors, dragons and dinosaurs, paper quilling, trees, sculptured heads and busts, bird sketches, castles and cathedrals, relief sculpture, storms, masks, sand painting and much more! Each lesson begins with a brief discussion of the topic, followed by an activity suggestion for both groups of students. A list of materials for each group is found at the beginning of the lesson. The activities are often similar, with a more complex project for the upper grades which makes it easy to use in a family situation. Many lessons also feature a related masterpiece, along with background information on the work and discussion and activity suggestions (found at the back of the book). With such a wide variety of topics, it's a great resource for picking and choosing projects that fit your family's interests, or ones that mesh with what you are currently studying. 262 pages, pb. - Jess

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