Level 2 Earth Science Basic Courses

Ring-of-Fire has combined some of their topical kits to create two 18-week (one semester) studies of earth science for high school. Course 1 includes CD for Rock Cycle, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes, along with two sets of rocks, and covers the topics pyroclastic rocks, volcanic features, sedimentary rocks, clastic rocks, organic rocks, metamorphic rocks, foliated rocks, types of volcanoes and eruptions, pyroclastic flows, Ring of Fire, Mount Saint Helens, submarine volcanoes, Hawaiian volcanoes, seismic waves, faults, seismographs, Mercalli Scale, Richter Scale, San Andreas Fault, and Alaskan quakes. Course 2 includes CD for Earth Science, Space, and Oceans, along with one set of rocks; topics covered are the earth, igneous rocks, minerals, earthquakes, oceans, marine habitats, atmosphere, space age, terrestrial planets, Jovian planets, moon, life cycle of stars, galaxies, the worlds oceans zones of life, seashore, tide pools, fantastic fish, and deep sea vents. CDs contains 16 lessons, 16 quizzes, and 16 hands-on activities and can be completed in about six weeks (doing 3 lessons per week). Activities are extensions of the content in each lesson and might be something fun like using clay to show the formation of Gneiss. This curriculum option is secular, but tends to be more fact-based science than theory.

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