Veritas Phonics

Phonics Museum is a complete phonics program using a multisensory approach. It covers the phonetic constructs from basic letter sounds to silent consonants and everything in between. From music to art activities, learning is done through captivating and engaging avenues. A museum theme showcases beautiful works of art and introduces a friendly knight, Percival. Music and art flashcards are implemented to help children learn the rules. The pop-up cardboard museum used in both kindergarten and first grade levels also serves as a game board and can even be used for children to have free play using the paper dolls.

The Teacher Guide provides detailed lesson plans and colorful icons to let you know when to incorporate specific material. Handwriting (D’Nealian) is included with letter formation instructions. The colorful Student Books are full of uncluttered and useful activity pages to reinforce phonics instruction. Reading comprehension exercises, copywork, and spelling instruction are also welcomed into the mix of student sheets in the First Grade. Primers in each level are engaging stories with cartoon graphics increasing in difficulty as lessons progress. After purchasing the program, songs are accessed free through setting up a Veritas account. Lyrics and sheet music are included in the teacher guide appendix.

Newly revised kits have a whole new look with energetic, colorful graphics enhancing the same meaty phonics program. Some of the primers have changed in the kindergarten program while most have changed in the first grade to correlate with the Phonics Museum App (available for mobile devices for a monthly fee). Therefore, material from the first editions is not compatible with the second editions. Each Grade Level Kit will include everything you need to teach that grade level. Student Sets with and without primers are also available. The Combo Kit includes complete phonics instruction for kindergarten and first grade. The contents include everything in both the kindergarten and first grade kits.

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