Microquests Series

From the first page of Daring Cell Defenders, readers are hooked. It begins "Imagine a castle. Its stone walls are solid and strong. Inside those walls, all is snug and safe. Then one day, an alarm rings out. The castle is under attack! Invaders have broken open the gate!" And so begins the gripping tale of how our bodies fight off invading bacteria and viruses. After explaining who the dangerous "invaders" are, the book describes some of our body's external defenses, as well as how our "gates" like our eyes and mouth are carefully guarded. Then, using an example of a splinter breaking the skin, a good portion of the book provides a play-by-play narration of the "battle" between the bacteria and our white blood cells. The description of the neutrophils, macrophages, and lymphocytes is among the most exciting I have ever read - you are almost on the edge of your seat as you discover their weapons and how they use them. By the end of the book, I guarantee anyone would come away with a new appreciation for their immune system. Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the energetic cartoon illustrations or the abundance of crisp, detailed microscope images either. While it's hard to imagine that the other books in the series might be as compelling, they seem to pull it off, with high-interest text and examples children can relate to, along with great illustrations. I would recommend this series very highly to any child studying life science or anatomy! 48 pgs, pb. - Jess

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