TruthTales Series

If you're looking for some good books with a good message, then you needto check these books out! The author, Pastor Dean Stewart, has taken lessonsfrom his own life and turned them into rhyming stories that will captivate yourchild's attention and hopefully make a lasting impression on their life! Therhyming text really flows, and the unique and colorful illustrations help thelessons hit home. Whether the book's message is about obedience or learningto trust God, your child will really relate to what the young characters of thestory are going through. At the end of each story, there are a few questionsfor you to discuss with your child and Bible verses to look up to help yourchild contemplate what they have just learned. This is a relatively new series(the first book was printed in 2005), but I have a feeling they will betimeless classics in no time! I will definitely be purchasing these books formy toddler's book collection! 36 pgs, pb. - elise

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Grades: PK-3
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