McCall/Dunigan Comprehension Booklet

This resource enables your student to practice reading comprehension with 62 short paragraphs, followed by ten yes or no questions about what they just read. The stories in the lesson booklet are varied and lively. The questions are designed to test their reading and thinking skills. This is an enlarged print version. The reading selections cover a wide range of reading levels and do not directly tell you what level the paragraph represents beyond “primary.” Where other McCall tests are used to determine reading level, this book is not focused on this goal. The exercises would be useful over the summer to keep up critical reading skills, as each one may only take 10-15 minutes. Parents and teachers will find the Questions to Encourage Thinking section in the Teachers Manual a valuable aid in stimulating discussion. Eight questions for each story encourage such thinking skills as inference, drawing conclusions, making comparisons, recognizing cause and effect, understanding emotional reactions, and criticizing aspects of the story. The questions also help children learn about synonyms, antonyms, or multiple meanings of selected words from the story. ~Sara

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Grades: K-5
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