Art Projects From Around the World

The world is full of rich and unique forms of art, so why not combine geography, culture, and social studies together in order to take your art lessons to a whole new level! These workbooks will help you do just that. Each workbook contains twenty age-appropriate art projects from cultures around the globe. Each project gives you a highlighted list of materials you will need, a list of additional resources you can look up, step-by-step instructions, black-and-white illustrations and photographs that help you accomplish each step, and a basic background profile about the country, culture, and form of art that you are creating. In the workbook for grades 1-3, your children will be creating projects, such as: masks inspired from Burkina Faso of Africa, a paper dragon inspired by the Chinese New Year celebrations, and rain sticks like the ones you would find in Chile. The grades 4-6 workbook contains more advanced projects, such as: Polish paper cutting, Dutch barn designs, Japanese fish kites, and Democratic Republic of the Congo Seed Masks. These reproducible workbooks contain many different templates needed to complete the projects, as well as eight full-color pages showing samples of all twenty projects. These art projects would make a great addition to any world studies curriculum! 64 pgs, pb - elise

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