Spelling and Phonics Daily Skill Builders

These would be a great warm-up as your children get extra practice in spelling and phonics. Reproducible, short, independent activities help reinforce language arts skills. There are 164 activities per book (2 per page) to copy, cut apart and complete. Answer keys are in the back. Standards for language arts in California, Florida and Texas are also printed in the book. The first half of each book is practice with phonics rules, and the second half focuses on spelling. Skills practiced at grades 3-4 are consonant sounds, digraphs, blends, soft and hard sounds, vowel sounds, long and short sounds, vowel pairs, commonly misspelled words, prefixes and suffixes, and alphabetization. Grade 4-5 includes the same as 3-4 with the addition of silent consonants, commonly confused words, calendar and number words, homophones, contractions, compound words, syllabication, plural and possessives. Grade 5-6 picks up where 4-5 leaves off, covering the same skills but at the next level. Reviews are scattered throughout the exercises. Each book is 88 pages and could be used as a quick review, brush-up, or warm-up with your language arts curriculum. ~ Donna

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