Saddleback Illustrated Classics Book & CD Sets

Ideal for early remedial readers, these classics are illustrated re-tellings of classic novels, with a graphic novel feel to them. The pages are colorful and glossy with text boxes and speech bubbles that capture the essence of the novel in an adventurous, fast-paced way. They are each about 60-80 pages, have fewer than 200 words per page, and are paperback. You can purchase the classics separately, or in a set that includes the classic, an audio CD that reads the illustrated classic aloud, and a study guide.

The audio CD that accompanies each set contains a word-for-word reading of the illustrated classic (with beeps for turning pages) and is easy to listen to. Each CD runs about 30-40 minutes.

The study guides include reproducible review sheets for students to complete. Each includes 11 worksheets which focus on a variety of reading comprehension skills and are written at a fifth grade reading level. Students will preview the featured classic, learn vocabulary, do a character study, sequence events from the classic, and more. Some fun activities like crossword puzzles and mazes are also included. Answer key included. Please note that study guides are transitioning from printed format to PDF format on CD-ROM.

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