Recorder Express

"Express" seems an apt title – this book will have you playing the recorder in no time! After a two page introduction to familiarize you with the nuances of the recorder, proper posture, practice techniques, and music fundamentals (the notes on a staff, a measure, note values, etc.), you’re ready to jump right onto the expressway. The next page introduces the first note, ‘B,’ along with some short exercises for practice. Each time a note is introduced, an accompanying diagram of the recorder shows which holes are covered to produce that note. On the same page as ‘B’ students are introduced to ‘A,’ and on the next page they learn ‘G,’ allowing them to begin playing a greater range of practice tunes. Plenty of exercises are provided for each note learned before moving on (the more notes students know and are using, the more exercises are given for practice before another note is taught). Along the way students learn more music theory, typically given in short notes in the margins of the pages or as short worksheet exercises students can complete right in the book. This book does not skimp on music to play! Throughout the book students will play many short and simple tunes and progress through plenty of recognizable and enjoyable pieces such as “Amazing Grace,” “The Lion Sleep Tonight,” “Can Can,” and a special section of holiday pieces including “Joy to the World,” “O Come All Ye Faithful” and “Happy Birthday.” 48 pgs. A CD that accompanies the book is available separately and includes 98 tracks, some featuring a full performance of the song by a professional recorder player while most of them simply provide accompaniment for the student (generally by a piano, sometimes also with drums). A CD icon in the book points students to the CD where applicable.

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Grades: K-8
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