Usborne Very First Reading Phonics Workbooks

Colorful illustrations, stickers, letters to trace, and fun activities make these little workbooks engaging for children. Introduce your kids to using a pencil with a proper grip as they practice letters and sounds. Some pages have sticker activities, like putting a blue "S" sticker next to the words that start with that letter, as kids see simple drawings of a sun, fish, sock, truck, dinosaur, scissors and a lion. Other activities have kids tracing and writing their letters. Cute stories and animal cartoons keep kids' attention.

Workbook 1 teaches the letters s, a, t, p separately, then puts them together to make the words sat, pat, and tap. 4 pages of colorful stickers follow. Then it presents the letters i, n, m, and d and the words mat, man, and sad. Workbook 2 introduces g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, and r. Workbook 3 introduces h, b, l, ll, f, ff, and ss. Workbook 4 introduces j, q, v, w, x, y, z, and zz.

These are helpful for younger kids who are just getting familiar with letters, sounds, and words, but are not yet doing a phonics or reading program. 31 pgs, plus 4 pp of stickers. ~ Sara

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