Marble Racers

No winding, batteries, or remote control necessary to have instant fun with these light-up Marble Racers. Each unlicensed racer has a transparent plastic car body and wheels, LED flashing red and blue marble, and decals for you to customize your "wheels." The vehicles run on match-box size tracks, or you can purchase a MaxTraxxx Racing System. Unlicensed racer styles include: Volcano, Cyclone, Confetti, Cats Eye, Fire Chief, Police Chief, Camouflage, and Tiger Shark (if ordering more than one, we will assort). Licensed light up Marble Racers come with a colored translucent body and decals to customize in the following styles: Mustang, Ford GT, Camaro, and Corvette Stingray. They are available in either a clamshell pack or a 6" tube (better for inserting into a stocking!). The Pit Stop Custom Painters are available in the same licensed styles, but let you build, paint, and customize your own sports car to race on the MaxTraxxx Racing Systems. Each includes a plastic auto body, racing wheels, paint (one color) and crack & peel decals. The MaxTraxxx Racing System has 20 feet of glow-in-the-dark, 1/64 scale, standard track. It uses an interlocking groove structure and has side-by-side, easy launch racing with built-in starting gates and expandable racing lanes. Track suction cups allow you to take your race vertical, too. Each system also comes with two light up Marble Racers to get you started! For even more excitement, the MaxTraxxx translucent tunnel Tube Track kit includes a special edition light up Marble Racer, 4 feet of glow-in-the-dark track, and 2 feet of tube track. It can be used alone or to supplement the MaxTraxxx Racing System. You can also use MaxTraxxx tracks to race the Cast & Paint Krazy Kars from the same manufacturer. Are you ready to roll?

Marble Racers:   Max Traxx

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Grades: PK-AD
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