Harmony Fine Arts Program

If you are currently using a classical or Charlotte Mason approach in your schooling and are looking for a good plan to fit art and music appreciation into your curriculum, look no further. Barbara McCoy has done all the planning and organization for you; all you need to do is gather the resources! Each level of the program consists of a loose-leaf packet which includes an overview, information to get started, resource and supply lists, lesson plan sheets for 32-36 weeks, and appendices (revised Grade 2 also includes some coloring pages and notebooking sheets). Following the classical model, grades 1-4 cover art and music appreciation through ancient, medieval, Renaissance/early modern, and modern history at the grammar level, and grades 5-8 explore the same time periods at the logic stage. Students will study artists, art appreciation, and music appreciation each year of the program. For the art appreciation portion of the program, there are three study options offered, depending on the depth of study you want to undertake. The most basic of these is picture study only, in which students look at the art masterpieces online and then narrate what they remember about the art to you. If you want to kick things up a notch, you can add literature or coloring books to your picture study. The third option involves adding Artistic Pursuits lessons to the previous activities, which adds art instruction to the mix as well. Music appreciation is covered in a similar way in both levels, with both reading and listening assignments. Art appreciation lessons are expected to be 1-2 hours per week, and music appreciation lessons will take 45 minutes per week. In the logic stage, art appreciation should take 1-2 hours per week, and music appreciation should take 45 minutes a week. Because of the relatively small amount of time spent on the arts each week, lesson plans for four or more weeks are included on one sheet. The lesson plan sheets include assignments for each art appreciation option (with notes) and assignments for music appreciation by week as well. The resources may be pretty familiar to you and will vary depending on the study option you are using. Selected resources include Music Masters CDs (revised Grade 2 uses a 2-CD set called Famous Composers), Masterpiece Collection CDs, Dover coloring books, Dover artist post cards, Child-Size Masterpieces, Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists series, Come Look With Me series, How Artists See... series, Artistic Pursuits, and many more individual

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