America's Founding Fathers, Events & Documents

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum provides us with an in-depth look at the men and events central to our nation's founding. The study is divided into 3 sections of 5 units each which are topical, but with a chronological flow as well. Units discuss Plymouth and the Pilgrims; the original 13 colonies; industry and restrictive British laws; 2 units on George Washington; communication; Declaration of Independence; leaders; war events; 3 units on the Constitution; the first 10 amendments; Adams & Jefferson; and a look at some of our national symbols. This stand-alone unit study consists of three components: student text, activities, and teacher's resource kit. All 3 books are black & white paperbacks. For each unit, the student reads 4-6 pages in the Text, then answers 2-4 pages of questions in the Activities book. The Text (76 pgs) includes timelines for the 3 sections, vocabulary words in bold (with definitions included in the unit), and an inspirational quote (Life Principle) that wraps up each unit. The text is fairly readable and interesting. Activities (74 pgs) are usually fill-in-the-blank questions, with some multiple choice, cause and effect, and matching questions. The complete text of the Constitution is included. Teacher book (40 pgs) is the answer key for 15 unit activities, quizzes for each of the 3 sections, a final test, plus answers to these quizzes and tests. This unit study could be completed in about 6 weeks as is, or extended with some additional reading. Good coverage of the primary events in our nation's founding for a very reasonable price.

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