History & Geography of the Bible Story

If you are looking for a practical, workbook-based Bible study, this is a good one to consider. It completes a survey of the history and geography of the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. In 52 lessons (which conveniently work out to one per week for a calendar year), students will be engaged in learning about the geographical features and the roles they played in the histories of the various nations involved with the Holy Land. The workbook is divided into two main parts: the first is a brief look at the physical attributes of all Bible lands in seven lessons, while the second (which contains the rest of the lessons) correlates the history and geography. The text in each lesson is descriptively detailed and is also consumable (though not reproducible). At various places throughout the text, biblical references point students to the passage that will help them find the answer to fill in the blank. Map activities also abound, and there are both blank outline maps and full color reference maps throughout the workbook. Students' knowledge is tested through eleven periodic review lessons. The only additional resource that is required to complete this study is a Bible. However, there is a companion CD-ROM available that comes packed with info and resources to dramatically expand on this study. This CD-ROM contains a corresponding 52 lessons on the history and geography of Bible times. The lessons are presented on 1320 PowerPoint charts, so you will need Microsoft PowerPoint (or at least PowerPoint Viewer) to be able to use the CD. Although the lessons are based on the study guide described above, they can easily be used with any Bible or even history class curriculum. The lessons give a good summary of the history of Biblical nations and will help students learn the geography of the Bible lands. Basically, it gives a general survey of the Bible from Genesis through the close of the first century. High quality, full-color maps, charts, and photographs are included on the slides, and when students click on the screen, information pops up. Info is presented sentence by sentence so students can click at their own pace to follow the lessons. Sometimes the info is presented in outline form, with several bullets per slide. The 52 lessons are divided by geographic areas, time periods, and books of the Bible with instruction on the geography of Palestine, promises to Abraham, the conquest of Canaan, the empire of Solomon, the fall of Israel, the life of Christ, Paul's journeys, and so much more. There are reviews of some of the books of the Bible, which quickly sum up what happened and where it happened in that book. The history and geography of the Bible really comes alive through the charts, maps, and other graphics, and the concise text sections make it easy for students to focus on the key facts about a large variety of Bible stories. The very first lesson shows students (and teachers) how to get the most out of the presentations and explains why learning geography along with the history of the Bible is so important and effective. With a good summary of the entire Bible, facts on the geography of the Bible lands, colorful graphics, and an interactive computer interface, this is a great way to learn historical details about the Bible. A recent update to the CD has made it even more useful. It now includes student questions (with answers) for every one of the 52 lessons. If students understand the material, they will be able to answer the 10-20 questions per lesson, which are provided in PDF format. This will work on any operating system, as long as you have Microsoft PowerPoint or Viewer. Guide and CD are available separately or as a set. Never be confused by all those biblical place names again! - Zach

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