Red Herring Mysteries

Get your children thinking "out of the box" with these books of sparker situations from the Critical Thinking Company. A seemingly strange or incongruous scenario is set in a brief story. Students must then make inferences, use deduction, develop lines of reasoning, think creatively, and look beyond the obvious to figure out a solution or reason that makes sense. Students ask teachers/parents yes or no questions about the story to try and figure out exactly what happened. The books progress in difficulty (both between and within books) and are self-contained with usage tips, reproducible graphic organizers, stories, and solutions all in one neat little book. Students keep track of their clues until they are finally able to come up with the correct solution. This series provides a great way to show students how to solve mysteries or problems through critical questioning. Previously published as Case of Red Herrings, Books about 70 pgs, pb.

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Item # 001796
Grades: 7-12
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