Adventures in Creation

A new series from Master Books for your youngest students that delivers an enthralling and captivating first look at science. Creation-based textual information, hands-on investigations, biblically-inspired stories, opportunities to engage your child in meaningful discussions, Bible memory work (with hand actions), and even an easy-to-do Science Notebook are packed into a very user-friendly, one volume course. Learn about the topic, Experience the topic, and Share what you’ve learned with others make up the three lessons (about 20-minutes each) for each of thirty-six weeks concluding with a Certified Science Explorer certificate. Learn lesson days incorporate textual information, stories (a section called Imagine That!), and a short exercise sheet that concludes with Discussion Starters. These are prompts to help you recall the lessons as well as bridge to biblical applications. Stories are based on biblical events and people but include fictional elements. Adam and Eve and their family in Level 1; Noah’s family in Level 2 are examples. Experience days are designed for fun with activities that illustrate concepts introduced in the Learn section. For instance, the chapter on static electricity uses balloon generated static electricity to power a race with aluminum cans. Share days include a pull-out activity page(s) for a science notebook the student builds over the year. These include a section called Let’s Memorize which provides a Bible verse along with actions to help with memorization.

The Course Books are everything you need for one student: textual information, stories, materials list, daily/weekly lessons, notebook pages, memory verse sheets, and helpful tips. Weekly investigations involve household items. Both a master materials list for the entire year and weekly lists are provided. Not just colorful, but beautifully, subtly colorful; perforated student pages include textual information, stories, coloring/drawing sheets, occasional mazes and dot-to-dots as well as handwriting practice. Introductory information includes course objectives and an overview, along with helpful tips and a weekly schedule. About 350 pgs, pb. 3-hole punched. ~ Janice

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