Inside & Out Guides

Most books show you either the outside of something or a cut-away view of the inside. Not so here! This fascinating series shows images of its subjects almost as though they are made up of layers of transparencies, so you can see “through” them to the inside. In each 32-page book, you’ll find twelve spreads, each devoted to a related topic. The centerpiece of each page is a computer-generated illustration which shows the subject from the outside to the middle. For instance, in Animals, one spread focuses on kangaroos. A large, full-color illustration of a kangaroo is shown on one page, which you can “see through” to examine the arrangement of its internal organs, muscles, and bones, all while a transparent texture over the image reminds you of its outer skin. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like a series of plastic transparencies stacked together with the illustrations on each layer partially see-through. The “inside views” feature labeled parts, and text across the rest of the spread offers more details about the animal, structure, or object. My favorite is Animals, since few of us will ever get to see something like an alligator dissected! Glossary and index included; pb. – Jess

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