Novel Thinking (Critical Thinking Press)

What a novel idea! Literature guides from The Critical Thinking Company. And nicely done, too. These are user-friendly, student-oriented lesson guides aimed at enhancing both reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. Novels to be read/studied are divided into reading assignments. Reproducible (for classroom or home) worksheets for each assignment provide a variety of vocabulary activities that include identifying parts of speech, synonyms as well as definitions and context clues plus a series of comprehension questions. Comprehension questions cover a broad range of skills and include main idea and supporting details, characters, setting and plot, problem and solution, cause and effect, making inferences and predictions, drawing conclusions, comparing and contrasting, cause and effect, and sequencing. The table of contents for each guide lists the comprehension skills used in each exercise. Each novel study also includes writing projects with the types of writing varying with the novel. For instance, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has two projects - a descriptive essay and a comparing/contrast essay. For each writing project there are multiple worksheets that walk the student through the entire writing process - prewriting, first draft, revising, and second draft editing. Also included is a writing grading sheet for each project. The study closes with suggestions for extension activities. A complete answer key is included at the back of the guide. Approx 100 pgs each, pb ~ Janice

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