These unique books allow children to help tell the story. Each book has a different theme (colors, counting, animals, etc.) that the story is built around, and all of the stories feature animal characters. The story is told through rhyming text, and the last word of each stanza is left out so kids can supply it. For example, in the book Name Lizzy's Colors, there is a little chameleon named Lizzy who needs help remembering to change colors so she won't be found by any hungry animals. One page reads, "Lizzy's in bed, but she's very bright. Her orange stands out like a shining light! That hungry old owl is waiting in back, so tell little Lizzy to change to..." and when you pause at the end children should shout out "black!" On the next page the word black is printed in large letters along with a picture now showing Lizzy the correct color and a couple of lines of text thanking you for helping Lizzy out. Every page of all the books features attractive, colorful illustrations. 32 pgs, pb. - Melissa

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