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Many have found that the implementation of Charlotte Mason's techniques of copywork and dictation simplified their language arts program. Who doesn't like to accomplish several goals with a single assignment? But finding quality material that enhances a child's overall education program has continued to be a time-consuming challenge. Until now! These copybooks each provide 180 daily lessons that can be used however you choose. Young children using the Copywork for Young Ones can copy the material into the book directly below the original (although space seems a bit tight to me - single lines without midlines or space between them). Your gentle correction and discussion of spelling and grammar rules transforms the activity into a language lesson. An older child can copy (or write from dictation) the material from the Thematic Copywork books into a notebook making his own corrections with oversight and ending the year with a valuable resource of quotes, poems, and songs (from an interesting and varied collection of conservative Christian sources; some literary, some historical, some contemporary) and Bible verses (KJV). All books are coil-bound, cardstock covers printed with lovely vintage art reproductions. Each approx. 30-40 pgs. ~ Janice

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Grades: 4-12
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