Punch Card Awards

These are a fun, fresh alternative to the run-of-the-mill incentive charts. Similar to the punch cards used at coffee shops and the like, each punch card features a number of stars (or bananas, or circles) around the perimeter. For every achievement the student makes in the target area (character, reading, excellent work, etc.,) the teacher punches a star with a paper punch. Once all the stars are punched, the student receives an award. Use either the included award certificate as the prize for a completed punch card, or substitute another incentive such as a trip to the zoo, or ice cream, or a game night (or anything you choose!) Punch cards have a space for the student’s name, and the award has spaces for the student’s name, the name of the teacher, and the date completed. Kids will love being able to track their progress with these colorful punch cards. Available in singles or in packs of 36 cards. Rachel P.

Features a jungle scene with a monkey and bananas. Certificate of completion states, “You’ve got a bunch of character!”

Punch card says, “Great work!” It has large stars in the background and small stars around the perimeter.

Racecar theme. The punch card says, “Read to succeed!” The award certificate says, “I Succeed at reading!”

Pizza theme. Student lists goal on punch card and top portion is for coupon.

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