Writer's Toolbox Series

By using stories and other examples, this series gives many tools on writing instruction. Each book focuses on different types of writing, such as fairy tales, letters, silly stories, scary stories, journals, poems, and reports. During a story, writing tools are specified to assist the child in becoming a capable writer. For example, Little Red Riding Hood is used to learn how to write fairy tales. Throughout the story are tools that teach setting, dialogue, characters, and plot, as well as plenty of additional instruction. Likewise, when a student learns to write his own letter, there are several letters as examples, along with extra teaching to help him. When the student has finished the book, the writing tools are reviewed and there are "getting started" exercises with writing tips that aid the child in writing his own masterpiece. Each individual book has the tools, writing instruction and tips included. The Writer's Toolbox is the compilation of all the stories (and instructions/glossaries) into one book. Because these books are primarily written in story format, it's quite engaging and entertaining for the young student as he begins learning the different genres of writing. ~ Gina

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Grades: 2-4
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