Lori Coeman Teaching Tools

How to Teach so They Can Learn will give you a basic understanding of learning styles. This book explains the different learning styles, how to teach children with those learning styles, and suggestions for effective teaching tools. The explanations are thorough, easy to understand, and serve as an exceptional tool and resource for the new homeschool parent. Instructions are included for using the whole book step-by-step, or getting started quickly. This last approach tells you the important pages to read in conjunction with the Discovery Zone assessments.

Discovery Zone is an excellent tool to help determine your child's learning style. This is a series of tests divided into 4 different parts. Each part has a different purpose and includes a personality assessment, the modality or the preferred manner in which a student likes to learn, a thinking styles assessment, and expressions in which you assess the way in which students apply learning in everyday life. Parts are divided into a number of sections so that they can be administered easily over a period of time rather than all at once. A 5th section is a place to record observations by the parent or administrator. These can be copied for multiple children.

Navigating Through Homeschooling Waters helps guide you through curriculum choices that best fit your family. Questions serve as prompts which navigate you through understanding your vision, goals, and education philosophy for homeschooling. Included in this book is a chart which shows the comparison of teaching approaches so you can see them side-by-side. A tremendous help for new homeschoolers!

Homeschooling Navigation Compass includes typical responses to the questions asked in Navigating Through Homeschooling Waters. You can use these to help guide your thinking and planning for individual education needs.

The Learning Styles Kit includes all of the components listed above for a complete "getting-started" tool. If you feel like you need a little extra guidance in the area of learning styles and homeschool planning, Lori Coeman has developed a helpful resource. - Donna

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