Lingua Mater Language Lessons Series (in color)

Have you ever used a book and just kept thinking about the changes you would make? Perhaps that was the experience of Margot Davidson. Taking the classics Primary Language Lessons and Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl, she tweaked them "just a bit." The result is all the warmth of the originals with just a little more practicality, beauty, and applicability. The same wonderful balance between oral and written work has been preserved along with all the basic elements - copywork/dictation, picture study, memorization selections, grammar sequences, and composition. Some of the pictures are now in full color, and some are changed to appeal more to young readers. Also, some changes were made to bring the language in line with today's English. The typesetting is modern with much more "white space." Scripture quotes are taken from the Catholic Edition of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible. Primary Language Lessons (138 pgs) is flexible and can be used as either a full third grade course or spread over second and third grade. Some of the exercises toward the end of its 164 lessons have been broadened, making them more appropriate for students at the end of third grade. Intermediate Language Lessons (252 pgs) has 300 lessons divided into three parts originally intended for use in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. A student can be started at any level that seems appropriate. Part I covers sentences, paragraphs, nouns, letter writing, descriptive writing, dialogue, punctuation, and creative writing. Part II includes quotations, homonyms, descriptive writing, abbreviations, describing words, persuasive writing, and letter writing. Part III has expanded writing coverage and includes parts of speech and sentences, journalism, comparison writing, and descriptive writing. Perfect-bound softcover. ~ Janice

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