1001 Things to Spot

If your kids are anything like we were, they love the "Where's Waldo?" or "For Eagle Eyes Only" type of puzzle books. These books each offer over a dozen different colorful scenes (each on a two-page spread) with different things for children to find. The objects to find are shown around the edges of the page. For example, in 1001 Things to Spot Long Ago, one of the scenes is of the Pharaoh's court. Kids are asked to find 10 beaded collars, 9 white fans, 2 pairs of red sandals, 3 stools, 10 wine jars, 4 monkeys, 1 harp, 3 patterned rugs, 10 bracelets, and 2 chests. In total, each book contains 1001 things for kids to find. - Melissa

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Grades: PK-4
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