Language Arts Test Prep in a Flash

Handy-dandy set of quiz cards are aligned with Common Core and state testing standards. Each box comes with a pair of large binder rings to make two sets of cards you can share between kids. Separate them by subject or give children some of each subject in their set. Subjects are color coded and include: pink - capitalization; gold - parts of speech; green - spelling, blue - vocabulary; aqua - punctuation; lilac - sentence structure. The number of cards in each subject reflects the importance that subject is given on tests. There are more vocabulary and parts of speech cards than there are spelling cards. I like that they did not use the same amount of each just to make it look nice; it shows that they did not add any "fluff" to the material. Each box comes with a reproducible assessment checklist if you want to keep track of what areas your child needs to practice more. ~ Sara

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