Light Speed AP Exam Prep DVD Series

Looking for a way to prepare for AP testing, but feeling overwhelmed by the amount of reading necessary in some of the books on the market? Let me introduce you to these wonderful study tools! Divided into two sections, test preparation and “30 topics in 30 minutes,” these DVDs provide a significant amount of information in a fun yet comprehensive way. The test prep section gives insights into the categories covered on the test, explains the scoring methodology, provides general test taking strategies and strategies specific to the AP test. The second half of the DVD, “30 in 30,” provides a substantive review of thirty essential topics in American history (or government/politics). The topics are presented in chronological order and provide brief yet detailed explanations. (Topics can be easily skipped forward or back, if desired.). This overview is presented in an engaging manner by lively, young actors and includes colorful graphics to reinforce the material being reviewed. Also included with each DVD series is a PDF digital workbook on a CD-ROM for your computer. Containing video notes, practice questions, and quizzes, the PDF workbook will enable your students to solidify the information presented in the review and show them areas they may need more study. This inexpensive program is a great value for any student desiring success at AP testing. DVD runtime approx. 73 min. Deanne/Lisa

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