Mod Mini-TYPE Stix

Some brick-building sets (like LEGOS®) come with stickers, but have you ever tried peeling them off? Not only are they difficult to remove from the bricks, but they leave a sticky mess. Enter Mod Stix! Mod Stix are colorful, removable, repositionable stickers that fit most building bricks. (And there's no "ick on your brick" when you remove them.). Need to make a sign? The MiniTYPE series of Mod Stix are words, letters, and numbers for you to stick to your bricks. The letter & number sets include 341 Stix each, and the word sets include 179 Stix. The Mod Stix series include "Stix" clothes to put on people figures, as well as signs or objects related to the set's subject. For instance, the WWII set includes uniforms for American soldiers and paratroopers, German soldiers, some bombs and insignia, faces, signs, a shot-up window, sandbags, fire, and more. The Comic Series set includes some speech bubble Stix which can be written on with dry-erase pens. Each set includes between 38 and 64 Stix. Stix Storage is a 14 page book for organizing all your Mod Stix. Use the themed pages to arrange them however you wish. A pocket in the back holds additional Mod Stix Sheets. - Chad

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