Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books in the World

Now, I realize that a lot of you teens and parents have probably moved on from dot-to-dots. Those are for kids, you probably think. Well, I bet you just might change your mind and grab a pencil yourself if you pick up one of these! Each of these books contains 48 pages of fun, complex, and rewarding dot-to-dots. They're not just your basic 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 and so on. Nope, after warming you up with a few "ordinary" dot-to-dots, they change it up. Some dot-to-dots will ask for only specific sets of numbers to be connected (or odds and evens), while others give stop signals at specific points to pick up your pen and start a new line. Others ask for a line to connect letters and a separate line to connect numbers, while still others are hidden in a grid, and only by following the grid directions will you "unmask" the dot-to-dot solution. Whatever the rule, most dot-to-dots features over 100 dots, and often the "finished product" is not obvious from the dots alone. Final pictures include animals, vehicles, buildings, insects, and much more. Tips are offered along the way on such difficulties as drawing straight lines and using the right type of pen tip. I can't recall doing a dot-to-dot in years, but I have to admit, I'm really tempted to start marking up this sample copy! - Jess

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