Preparing Students for Standardized Testing

This series helps students succeed in taking a variety of standardized tests by familiarizing them with the format and language of the tests, as well as providing test practice in each subject's targeted skill areas. The five units of each book include reading, language, math, science and social studies - similar to the content areas found on standardized tests such as the CAT/5, ITBS, CTBS, SAT, MAT, and TAKS. Each subject unit begins with strategies and tips specific to that subject, followed by lessons breaking the subject up into its most commonly tested content, to give students practice with specific areas within each subject. Reading is broken down into lessons on vocabulary, word analysis and comprehension; language contains lessons on mechanics, expression and information skills; the math unit is made up of concepts, computation and problem solving/reasoning; science is broken up into process/inquiry and concepts, and social studies is made up of history/culture, civics/government/economics and geography. Each lesson is made up of a selection of multiple choice questions interspersed with helpful test-taking hints geared towards the subject being studied. In addition to the 14 lessons, the 114-page books contain lists of specific content area skills by subject, a test language glossary, sample answer sheets and an answer key. Jess

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