My Little Colors / My Little Numbers Books

Eye-popping photos of everyday objects teach beginning concepts to little ones. These sturdy board books are packed with vibrant photos grouped around a theme. My Little Colors devotes 1-2 pages each to a different color, with labeled photos of animals, foods, clothing, items from nature, and household objects representing that color. A color wheel and color mixing page are found in the back. My Little Numbers begins with photos of grouped animals and objects representing quantities from 1-20. Then it proceeds to 1-2 pages of challenge questions that require kids to observe various photos, counting and comparing items. For example, some of the tasks include counting/comparing flower petals, colored pencils, a plate of cookies, and shapes. The last few pages of the book teach basic addition/subtraction with candy visuals, plus a "Counting to 100" chart with 100 rubber duckies. 24 pgs. ~ Lisa

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