Sturdy, touchable, versatile, and washable (in the dishwasher!), what more could you ask of a construction toy? SuperStructs are a very open-ended building set, with colorful pieces constructed of sturdy plastic or EVA foam. Some of the pieces resemble Tinkertoys, with rods and wheel-like cylinders with multiple connecting holes. Other neat pieces include parts to build small characters, wheels, 4-way connectors, 2-way connectors, and foam panels that fit larger openings to create solid-looking models. The vibrant pieces fit together tightly enough to build durable models, and slide together easily enough for young kids to play with. Each set comes with colorful, wordless instructions to create several models, but it's easy for kids to come up with their own ideas too. All sets below are compatible with other sets; most sets have a "theme" which the suggested models are based on. There's plenty of construction fun to be had with whichever set you choose. For more building ideas specific to your particular set, visit, then select the set that you own.

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