Safari, Ltd. Carnegie Dinosaurs Collection

What kid doesn't like to play with dinosaurs? These awesome figures remind me of many a long afternoon outside playing with my own dinos. The deadly carnivores would run rampant, wreaking utter havoc. Ah, back when my dinosaurs ruled the earth - those were the days! These dinosaurs are sturdy, scale model replicas suitable for use in water or out. Figures range in size with smallest being 3" L x 7.25" W (Pteranodon) or 5" L x 2.5" H (Guanlong) and largest being 18.5" L x 7" H (Brachiosaurus #051369) or 23" L x 5" H (Diplodocus). Figures average at 9" L x 4.6" H. Generally, more expensive dinosaurs are larger. ~ Janine

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