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Imagine you have a large project for your college speech class that requires a bit of research. Furthermore, imagine that despite the age of technology and relatively easy access that most have to the internet, you are required to have physical print sources. Print sources from the internet are not allowed even if they are articles from actual books, magazines, newspapers, etc. I don't know about you, but the first place I would head to is the library. Although this may seem like a fabricated situation, it is one that I personally encountered several years ago. Luckily, somewhere along the years, I somehow gained a general understanding of some basic yet necessary library skills. I had very little trouble finding the sources I needed. Although it is becoming much easier to find information over the internet, there are still times when having library skills come in handy, as the above situation illustrates. The books in this series are designed to cover basic library skills so that your child will learn how to successfully navigate any library system. The skills covered are broad in range and include topics such as the Dewey Decimal classification system, reference materials, genres of literature, and research tools. Although the section on the card catalog system may be a bit outdated (most library catalog systems are now computerized), the overall series still has merit. A suggested book project, list of grade-appropriate books, and list of recent Newbery and Caldecott book award winners are included at the end of each book. - Enh

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