Dover Maze Coloring Books

These simple maze books are perfect for young kids. The mazes are themed, and the drawings surrounding the mazes are fun and not incredibly detailed, which makes them perfect for pre-school coloring. The A-B-C Mazes book differs from the others in that it is a small format book (4" x 5.75") so the mazes are smaller and the pictures not as easy to color. It gives about two mazes for each letter of the alphabet and includes that letter in the directions for doing the maze. For example, "Help the Clown get to his Car." This book has 64 pages. The Alphabet Mazes book is standard size and includes one maze for each letter where the maze is actually in an object beginning with the featured letter. This book has 30 pages. The Zoo Animals book includes 30 mazes with cute animals trying to reach their destinations and has 32 pages. Answers are included for each book. With the simple mazes and fun-to-color pictures, these books will be a hit with young kids. ~ Rachel

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Grades: PK-2
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Grades: PK-3
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