Guitar for the Absolute Beginner

Learning to play the guitar can be difficult. It is easy to get confused over which finger is supposed to go where on which string for which note. Simplify the experience with Guitar for the Absolute Beginner which will walk you through strumming chords, finger picking, and how to play basic lead guitar. Book 2 takes you a step further, giving the basics on playing melody, classic fingerstyle patterns, and blues and rock improvisations. Both books originally included an enhanced CD which can be played on a stereo or Windows based computer. Book 1 still has a CD, but Book 2 has switched over to online audio content. Just plug in the access code inside the book and you can stream or download the audio files. - Megan

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Item # 004692
Grades: 4-AD
Retail: $18.50
Our Price: $14.95
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