Progressive Guitar Method (Koala)

These musical instruction books - although not geared towards young kids - are aimed directly at the beginner. No prior guitar experience is necessary, as these books start you right at the beginning and advance you to a professional playing level. In Book One, you will get an introduction to the guitar, learn notes on all six strings, how to read music, picking techniques, basic music theory, and of course plenty of well-known, traditional pop/rock, folk, and blues songs. In the additional books, you'll learn more about keys, scales, chords, and of course, many more songs to practice with! The supplemental songbook contains over 70 familiar songs and can be used alone or in conjunction with Guitar Method Book 1. CDs accompany the books so you can easily hear the tunes or practice along with them. TheProgressive Guitar Method Book 1: Deluxe Color Edition provides lesson by lesson instruction like the other books in this series, but it comes with additional features including a chord chart, 2 DVDs (demonstrating the songs being played in the book, with multiple screen angle views), an audio CD, and a DVD-ROM with over 270 video and audio files for your PC, Mac, iPod, or MP3 player. While these are for the beginner, they should also be used by someone who is more serious about learning the guitar. - Melissa

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