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Learning to play the piano has become a strict system of note learning, simple songs, and rules to follow. It can take months before students are actually playing music. But it wasn't always like this - the greatest pianists in history actually learned to play music without mechanical playing. Mark Almond, the creator of this three DVD series, believes we need to get back to this approach. Although I was unsure at first, (and I've been playing the piano for several years) after watching just a little bit of these videos I was excited, because his observations are true. I've never really felt like I could just sit down and play without music, but after his first lesson I understood so much more about actually playing music. Within the first few minutes, he helps you understand how to make music based on chords and harmony, just as the composers of the past did. The DVDs are not overdone at all, they simply show Mark at a piano, allowing him to show and play each concept so you become comfortable with it. It is evident that he has a passion for helping people learn to play the piano and give them a real understanding of music. You will gain confidence quickly as you learn the simple rules of harmony and beautiful sounding music. And although this series will enable you to sit and play the piano independent of music notation, he does also teach traditional sight-reading, standard chord symbols, and other traditional skills. If you have tried to learn to play the piano before and given up, or if you want to begin, this is a holistic approach that takes you away from mechanical books and right to the piano. Mark recommends watching a section of the videos, and then going to the piano to practice what you've learned, reviewing any section you need to, until you're through the videos. I'm excited to sit down and watch this series all the way through and really learn about playing music. I can't even imagine the newfound understanding of music that will be acquired by the end of the third video. Although children under 12 may need some adult assistance, this approach is appropriate for all ages - anyone who wants to learn and understand the piano. - Melissa

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