Alfred's Prep Course

This course will make the youngest beginners feel right at home. The books were designed with little ones in mind, keeping the songs simple, melodies enjoyable, and material understandable. At the beginning of Lesson Book A, kids are shown correct posture and finger numbers, and then it's time to play! The first lessons introduce the black keys so that they won't be a foreign concept. This also helps students recognize the position of the different white keys and notes. The songs start off simply, adding notes gradually to steadily expand the student's capabilities. The notes of the songs are numbered to the finger and shown in a line without a staff to keep it simple. Gradually, new notes and positions are introduced, and then the staff is explained and included. Different songs accompany each lesson for practice. Lastly, they present the bass and treble clefs, and this ends Book A. As students continue to progress through the levels, the lessons and songs grow more challenging to adapt to their growing abilities. When children reach the end of Prep Course F, they will be well-prepared to begin Book 3 of Alfred's Basic Piano Course.

There are several supplementals available to complement the lesson books for each level and to provide additional practice and enrichment. These are not required, but you may find them helpful. The Activity and Ear Training Books contain coloring and activities to enforce notes, rhythm, music symbols, and other concepts introduced in the Lesson Books. Solo Books have fifteen or so additional songs for children to practice and play. Theory Books are designed to reinforce newly learned concepts through games and quizzes. Sacred Solo Books are available on our website to provide playable songs with religious themes. For exercises and warm-ups at the piano, there are Technic Books. Also, Notespeller Books focus solely on learning the notes through coloring and writing exercises. This can be a lot of books to juggle around, but each page of the books tell you which page of the Lesson book it is designed to correlate with. CDs are available for audio help on our website. ~ Melissa

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