Lacing Letters

Attention kinesthetic (aka hands-on) learners! Some kids just need to handle letters for them to make sense. Telling them that the letter B makes a "buh" sound doesn't click for them. These large colorful letters have holes in them at the points where you would draw the lines. For example, the capital M has 5 holes, one at each point. A parent could use these with paper and mark the holes with a pencil, then with the letter next to them, kids could effectively connect the dots. There is an activities guide with other suggestions. I like the idea of talking about the sound, and thinking of words that start with that letter, as kids lace the letters in their hands. It helps kids make that connection in their brain between the sounds and the letters, which is a stepping stone for reading. Sets of 26 letters (red, blue, green & yellow) have 8 laces in these same colors. Letters are 4.25" tall and have rounded edges that add to their tactile appeal. Later, kids could use these as letter stencils for posters and crafts! ~ Sara

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