Hallelujah Handel!

In a darkened room behind London's famous Opera House there is a young, orphaned boy (Thomas) who sings like an angel but refuses to speak. Young Katarina (introduced in Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery) has left France with her grandfather, the Duke. In London, she meets the great composer Handel at a party, where they are captivated by Thomas who "sings like an angel." Katarina and the composer are enthralled by his talented voice. Handel's generosity and kindness toward this boy and the sharing of his past help earn Thomas's trust and heal his spirit - inspiring him to use his beautiful voice in song and speech. More than 30 excerpts of Handel's music are featured, including Julius Caesar, Rinaldo, The Messiah, Water Music, Fireworks, the Harp Concerto and several flute sonatas.

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