Scripture Memory System

A workbook for scripture memorization? Yes, it does seem a bit unusual, but wait until you begin to understand this program and you will see the benefits. According to the author, "the goal is to know Christ and to let Him rule your heart." Scripture memorization is a means to that end and these workbooks provide the plan for a multi-sensory method of writing God's word on our hearts - whole books of the Bible, one passage at a time. Dividing the book or passage into a number of weekly segments (Galatians - 33; Philippians - 23; Psalms for Praying - 24; Sermon on the Mount - 23), the books each represent a significant chunk of time.

There is an overall emphasis on covering your memorization efforts in daily prayer. The lessons are multi-sensory, encouraging visual (reading the passage), auditory (hearing as you read it out loud), and kinetic (writing it out) engagement as well as repetition. Although the student is encouraged to study the passage and seek to understand it, the author also recognizes that understanding will increase as the passage is recited and reviewed and the total book is learned in context. The particular - even peculiar - task of filling in the blanks of a partially provided passage engages the mind in an active way and aids both in retention and understanding. The pace can be either slowed down or speeded up and the author suggests ways of doing so.

Weekly lessons follow a consistent path:

  • Day 1 - read passage once, study it, read two more times, copy it
  • Day 2 - read passage three times, copy it, fill in missing words (about ¼ of the passage)
  • Day 3 - read passage once, identify key words, read two more times, copy it, fill in missing words (about ½ of the passage)
  • Day 4 - read passage three times, copy it, fill in missing words (about ¾ of the passage)
  • Day 5 - recite
  • Review

The workbooks provide everything you need for learning and reviewing the passage: The weekly passages, daily lessons with lined space to copy the passage, and fill-in-the-blank passages for the various days.

If you and your student are ready to get serious about Bible memorization, this is a well-organized, systematic approach. It gives you a plan. Currently, the books are only available in the King James Version. Books range from 202 to 290 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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