We often get questions about speech development and helping speech problems, and I am happy to be able to suggest this product. Set to lively, engaging music (and, yes, there is a supporting "beat"), these speech practice drills seem much more like fun than work. The musical workouts include warm-ups with basic mouth movements, songs and drills that focus on basic vowel and consonant sounds as well as complex vowel-consonant transitions, and silly song tongue twisters to "cool-down". The speech instruction was developed under the oversight of a nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologist. On the CD the easy-to-follow speech instruction is given by male and female leaders alternatively with children responding. While not eliminating the need for speech therapy in all cases, these workouts will go a long way to strengthening basic speech production and improving pronunciation problems that make understanding difficult. These are "enhanced Cds" that include PDF files you can print from your computer - a User Guide, lyrics to all the songs, and worksheets for more practice. The User Guide is particularly helpful having information on childhood speech and language problems, tips for using the exercises, and complete instructions for correct sound production. The worksheets (25 in Level 2 with black and white illustrations) reinforce correct sound production. While Level 1 covers general speech patterns, Level 2 focuses on complex consonants - f, v, s, z, sh, ch, j, r, and l . ~ Janice

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