Young Person's Guide to Getting & Keeping a Job

Talk about an important life skill to ensure that our children possess! Being able to find, secure, and keep a job is one skill that all of us will likely need at one point during our lives. This activity-laden workbook is designed to take young adults step by step through the job-hunting and job-securing process. With clear explanations, helpful worksheets (though non-reproducible), and many examples, students will begin to understand an employer’s expectations, learn to discover and present their skills, document their work and school experiences, and learn effective job search techniques. Special training exercises include filling out an application,writing a cover letter, developing a resume and portfolio, and finding references who can talk about your skills. Not forgetting the important job interview, the book also instructs the student on handling himself well in interviews and being prepared to handle difficult questions. Most of us picked up these skills the hard way - through the “school of hard knocks.” Wouldn’t we be doing our children a favor if we sent them out better prepared? 200 pages. Janice

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Grades: 9-12
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