Sculpey Clay

We have tried all different clays for sculpting at home (i.e. without a kiln to fire them!) and we've settled on Sculpey.

  • It's easy to work with
  • It keeps for a long time
  • It fires in the oven to a durable, permanent hardness in less than 20 minutes, without shrinking
  • It accepts acrylic paint or can be covered with clear Sculpey Glaze.
  • You can use over armatures or combine with other materials such as paper, plastic, metal cloth, wood & glass
  • Once baked, it can be carved, sawed, or milled
  • You can also add to it after baking by simply roughing up the surface, pressing on additional Sculpey, and re-baking.
  • It's truly a versatile material! We've used other oven-bake clays, and they just don't stay together as well as Sculpey does. You do have to make sure pieces are not just set on one another, but blended together as they ought to be in sculpting. Otherwise, they may not adhere well in the baking process. Another plus is that Sculpey is white, not gray, tan, green or sand-colored, so you can add paint with beautiful results. We usually top the acrylic with a clear Sculpey glaze finish as well.

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