Voices from Primary Sources

This series of workbooks brings American and World history to life through the people who experienced it firsthand. A number of primary source documents such as diary entries, speeches, political cartoons, and photographs are included along with document-based questions that help build reading comprehension and social studies skills. Additionally, Voices from Primary Sources explains how to read and use secondary sources such as maps, graphs and timelines. A number of practice tests at the end of each volume evaluate students' ability to work with historical documents. Most of these tests are presented in two parts: short-answer questions and essay writing. Helpful teacher resources are included, such as an introduction explaining the importance of document-based questions and an overview of the workbook's layout, as well as a highlight of the book's prominent features. A list of objectives is provided to help teachers assess students' understanding of major ideas, eras, themes and turning points in history. Other helpful features include a rubric for evaluating document-based essay assignments and a full answer key. Pages are perforated for ease of use. Primary Sources is an excellent choice for supplementing any American or World history program. 128 pages, reproducible. ~ Rachel P.

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